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FIRE BLANCKET PROTECH SENTINELFire extinguishing blanket

The house fire makes more than 10 000 victims a year ... of which a majority of children

TIME IS VITAL: we have less than 3 minutes to act ... or run away!

 PROTECH SENTINEL solution: The extinguishing blanket

 PROTECH SENTINEL is a piece of specific textile, treated by and designed to extinguish a fire as quickly as possible by removing the supply of oxygen (oxidizer) in the first 2 minutes of the fire.

  PROTECH SENTINEL is ready for use, light, maintenance free, easily transportable, safe for the environment, it fits perfectly all forms.

 PROTECH SENTINEL does not aggravate the damage as does water or any other chemical contained in a fire extinguisher.

 PROTECH SENTINEL is easy to use, just 3 movements:

 PROTECH SENTINEL is indispensable in the house but also in a caravan, a camp-car, a boat, at the campsite, during DIY or a barbecue, wherever the fire can make its appearance:

Fryer fire, fondue appliance

Barbecue fire

Fire embers projected by the fireplace

Fire cigarettes, candles, matches

Fire trash

Fire caused by an electrical short circuit
Fire tinkering (grinding sparks, welding)
Fire filling a tank (mower,), etc.
The list is not limited in terms of domestic fire
 PROTECH SENTINEL is of better quality than competing covers: it withstands a higher temperature (1800 ° C), it does not pierce and communicates much less the heat of the flames. Its flexibility, weight and texture allow it to perfectly cover the most diverse shapes.

 PROTECH SENTINEL got the fire rating "M0"
couverture anti feu


pochette anti feupochette anti feu 1300°Cresistance 900°C ,colorie jaune ,gris,noir  couverture anti feu Sentinelle et son tube de transport  
Our new creation at Prev Sécurité 62
Cover to prevent accidents with LITHIUM POLYMER batteries during charging. Highly recommended for storing your batteries.

This fireproof protective bag made in France
made with my partner Baptiste
dimensions 25 x 35 cm
Sac de protection anti-feu pour accus LiPo


First aid and extrication cover
During an intervention on the scene of a serious traffic accident (fall of a biker, cyclist, pedestrian, ...) or of a serious shock between two or more vehicles, no material is currently provided for a effective protection of the wounded, against the rain, the wind, etc ..., or in case of extrication against breakage of windshield, sparks, leaks of hydrolic oil, etc ...
We have therefore developed first aid and extrication coverage.
This cover, patented, made of fiberglass silicone, is waterproof to the winds, hydrocarbons, fires, ...
This cover of a dimension of 2.50 X 1.80 m allows to cover the interior of a damaged vehicle in its entirety and thus protect the victim and the squirrel, during an extrication and cutting of the flag.
This cover makes it possible to protect the wounded and the participants from bad weather.
This blanket can also be used to cover a dead victim on the ground, without stating its contours.
This blanket can also be used to isolate a casualty from the ground in case of defibrillation.
This cover has 8 handles to facilitate its implementation. To allow the handles to hold on the vehicle, we have incorporated magnets with high coupling power coupled with suction cups.
This cover, slightly electrostatic, effectively protects victims from glass micro particles, resulting from breakage and cutting of windshield and side windows.

This cover also allows, thanks to its magnets and suction cups, to hang on vehicles to serve as a screen to avoid voyeurism



Ca y est Prev securite 62 a déposé sa marque pour sa couverture anti feu ! 💪💥

Elle s’appelle PROTECH SENTINEL !
Pour cela, elle a travaillé en collaboration avec INPI afin de valider sa disponibilité …
Alors, n’oubliez pas 🤨, pour toute création de marque, déposez là afin de pourvoir l’utiliser pleinement ! 🤘
Et vous, avez-vous déjà créé votre propre marque ?
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